Constitution Party of Minnesota State Platform
We, the members of the Constitution Party of Minnesota, an affiliate of the U.S. Constitution Party, do acknowledge and revere the benevolence and sovereignty of God and the eternal salvation offered to us in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We invite people of all faiths who adhere to the principles herein to join us, while realizing the Constitution Party affirms that government has limited jurisdiction over the affairs of men and nations; and that rights are endowed by God, not by any group of mortal men.

We support a strict adherence to the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution, as originally written and intended, and the underlying principles provided us by our American founding forefathers. We seek to uphold a republican form of government with a limited role that protects the rights of its citizens in the Sovereign State of Minnesota. Each of us has a natural right from God to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. 

These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent on the preservation of the other two. The collective organization of the individuals’ right to lawful defense should be the basis of our state laws. Government shall respect the rights of the members in a society; those in higher authority shall respect the rights of those in lower authority; for example the federal government shall not intrude into state matters, nor state into local, city and county matters.

We believe that moral principles are necessary for the preservation of a republican form of government. We will strive to restore to the republic a limited government given us by our American founders. We shall work to reverse the tightening grip of socialism, tyranny, and the culture of death imposed upon us by the anti-Christian and anti-constitutional legislation and judicial decisions. We shall do this as swiftly as possible without compromise of essential principles and thereby restore 
greater freedom to Minnesotans.

With a large reduction in taxes and a return to limited government, administered by officials of good character, families and individuals will have greater prosperity and will have a better opportunity to get along on one income. This will result in parents being able to freely raise and educate their children with their own resources, and citizens being able to volunteer more freely in the church and community as they choose.

U.S. Constitution Party Affiliation

As an affiliate of the U.S. Constitution Party, we the members of the Constitution Party of Minnesota do support the platform of the U.S. Constitution Party.

Human Life

The first duty of civil government is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. The pre-born child, whose life begins at fertilization, is a human being created in God's image with the full complement of rights inherent in human nature, and is due protection from fertilization to natural death. We declare the adjudication of Roe vs. Wade as unconstitutional and therefore Doe vs. Gomez has no standing; thus prior laws of the Sovereign State of Minnesota are to be enforced. Without exception, we oppose endorsement of any candidate or government funding of any organization that supports the destruction of human life including surgical abortion, pharmaceuticals, implants and devices that destroy children already conceived.

Agriculture | Business | Healthcare

We support the free enterprise system.We oppose government subsidies to all businesses. All business ventures, including healthcare, insurance, sports, entertainment and the arts, should be funded by non-government investments, profits, and voluntary donations – not tax dollars. We oppose government efforts to require identification, registration and tracking movement of farm products, livestock, pets or produce for any purpose. We oppose disposal of hazardous waste through its use as an inert ingredient in fertilizers, thereby polluting Minnesota’s soil, water and food supply. 

Every individual has the right to save and reuse any seed for the production of food. No entity, neither government nor corporation has the authority to prevent individuals from growing food for their own use or sale thereof directly to customers. 
Harvesting or recovering seed produced on private lands for individual use is not an infringement of patent rights held by the original developer or seller. 

We would protect the right to grow a garden in any urban or rural area of Minnesota. No citizen should be required by law to purchase health insurance, or any other goods or services.

Character of Leaders

Individuals who demonstrate a high degree of moral character in public and private life and steadfastly adhere to biblical, constitutional and platform principles will be sought to fill public office and the leadership within the Constitution Party. Among the indicators of character and principle are included legislative voting records, community and religious activities, previously supported groups and standing in the community. Impeachment will be employed when necessary to prevent harm.
Constitutional Government
All legislative and taxing functions belong to duly elected officials, rather than to agencies such as the Metropolitan Council, which undermine representative government. Within our constitutional government, counties, cities and townships are free to cooperate among themselves without sacrificing established representation.

We support a traditional bicameral legislature with the lower chamber being based on population, and the upper chamber being comprised of one senator from each county in Minnesota, not elected, but appointed by county commissioners. A bicameral legislature also provides a check against excessive legislation. We oppose political career incentives for appointed or elected officials, such as pensions and other benefits that extend beyond their term in office. We favor a conflict-of-interest provision that prevents former office holders from professional lobbying for two years after leaving elected office. We affirm that the judiciary’s role is to apply United States law based on original intent, not to legislate.
Education of children is the inherent responsibility and right of parents and guardians. We oppose any intrusion into the family by the educational establishment for any reason, including social, emotional or mental health screening of students in K-12 schools, pre-schools, and early infancy. We oppose the use of government defined social and emotional outcomes for children. Responsibility for educational funding, regulation, testing and evaluation or intervention of any sort by Federal and state government ought to be totally eliminated. This would result in the immediate abolition of the K-12 Basic Skills Test and School to Work (STW) graduation requirements, and withdrawal from unconstitutional education contracts with the federal government, per Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. We oppose the United Nation’s International Baccalaureate. History and experience has shown that a free marketplace of schools provides a better citizen at the lowest cost.
“Education of children is the inherent responsibility and right of parents and guardians.”

Election Reform


We oppose public financing of political campaigns and activities on the federal, state and local levels. To encourage free and fair elections, all candidates must be treated equally. We call for an end to designated “Major Party” status that gives an unfair advantage to some candidates by providing ballot access and taxpayer dollars, while requiring others for the same office to gather petition signatures or meet other, more stringent criteria. We oppose voting machines that do not use or produce verifiable paper ballots, which are necessary to conduct a proper recount. We oppose a dual system for the endorsement of candidates for political office. Primary elections are an unnecessary expense, and take away the grassroots efforts 
of the people.
The human family is held to be a natural institution created and endorsed by God. This is manifested in our nature as being either a man or a woman. We hold that the family has an inherent right over its own affairs and ought to be free of government meddling. Government’s role rather is to protect and assure freedom for the family, therefore we support law defining marriage as a covenant union between one man and one woman and call for the repeal of “no-fault” divorce law. We believe in prohibiting prostitution, pornography, adultery, sodomy, lewd conduct or any other form of porneio. Minnesota should never provide dependent benefits for or recognize marriage of homosexual or legal domestic partner relationships, no matter where these contracts are transacted; and repeal any law that gives extra legal protections to homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and pedophiles.

Energy & Resources


The use and consumption of energy is properly controlled by free enterprise. Control of energy and resources by the civil government should be limited to that necessary to assure the common defense of a free society. A Department of Energy is 
excessive government intervention and should be eliminated.
Whereas the Constitution gives the federal government power to use only gold and silver by weight as legal tender so that each citizen may enjoy an economy based on sound currency and whereas each state is authorized to use only gold and silver for the same reason, we call on the Sovereign State of Minnesota to authorize the use of gold and silver as legal tender. We assert that the Minnesota State Sales Tax does not apply to “purchases” of gold and silver, as this is an exchange of coinage.

Foreign Policy

The U.S. Constitution must remain supreme in dealings with foreign governments.
Law Enforcement
We affirm that the first duty of government is to protect its citizens. This should be done by enforcing existing laws, not passing more laws. Additional laws only hurt law-abiding citizens, for example, gun-control laws infringe on second amendment rights, forfeiture laws violate fourth amendment due process protections, and anti-terrorism laws infringe on the freedoms of assembly and speech. Crimes ought to be punished with penalties appropriate to the crime, with restitution for property crimes and capital punishment as a possibility for crimes against the person. Citizens should not be prosecuted for protection of their persons or properties.

In order to protect the property and rights of citizens of these United States, we demand all immigration laws be enforced, specifically those prohibiting illegal entry into the country. We demand employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens be swiftly prosecuted. We demand local law enforcement be provided resources, training, and authority to enforce U.S. immigration law. We demand Federal, state, county and city governments cease providing money, services and sanctuary to any illegal alien.
Legislative and Judicial Decisions
Government officials, legislators and judges are expected to uphold the federal and state constitutions and principles therein. The United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights must be faithfully adhered to: right to life, free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, the right to a speedy trial, the right to security in one’s home and to one’s property, etc. Abuses in litigation and antitrust enforcement need to be corrected through fully informed juries, including jury nullification of existing law. 

Because the legislative process of this state has habitually and unlawfully “bundled bills” to include several unrelated items in one bill on which our legislators must cast a single vote (i.e. omnibus bills), we resolve that the integrity of the legislative process be restored to its intended and legal procedure of one issue per bill, thus a vote represents a single area of concern. In office, we would refuse to recognize the legitimacy of treaties, international agreements, laws, executive orders and judicial rulings that violate either the U.S. or Minnesota Constitution.
Medical Care
Official Language
The Minnesota Legislature should declare English the official language of Minnesota. Schools, hospitals, social services agencies, government offices, etc. should not be required to provide interpreters for clients (other than the hearing disabled). Individuals in need of these services should provide for their own assistance. 
Providing medical care is not the role or responsibility of government, but of individuals and families. We support a free market health care system that would hold costs down, maintain quality care, protect life, prevent rationing, and thus provide more effective accountability. We support repealing all components of "Minnesota Care". We oppose state or federal access to any medical data or health records of any kind on individuals, without the prior written consent of the individual. 
Except in case of life-threatening emergencies, school officials, employers, and others in authority must obtain the consent of parents or guardians before administering any medical treatment to minors. 
Parents or guardians are entitled to unrestricted access to any and all medical records of their minor children. 
We call for a ban on the use of fetal tissue in cosmetics or vaccines manufactured or sold in Minnesota. We call for a ban on the use of mercury, aluminum in cosmetics or vaccines manufactured or sold in Minnesota. We oppose government intervention in the citizens’ right to access alternative healthcare. We call for a repeal of the mandated fluoridation of municipal water supplies.
State's Rights
We support efforts to assert our state sovereignty, as delineated in the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Minnesota Legislature should declare and take adequate action, ensuring that unconstitutional federal mandates, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, are not valid and unenforceable within the state of Minnesota. To uphold its state sovereignty, Minnesota must not allow the unconstitutional incarceration or 
seizure of any person’s private property or assets by the agencies of the federal government.

Property and Environment
We hold that property rights are inherent in the right to life and flow from the dignity of human life itself. We hold that property rights supersede environmental considerations except when grave harm is done that severely impacts people. We hold that the acquiring and holding of land and property by government must be limited to that essential to carrying out its proper constitutional functions. The exercise of Eminent Domain must be restricted to its constitutional limits, per Minnesota Bill of Rights, Article 1, Section 13. Persons are due just compensation where property is taken or use is restricted. Anti-Christian ideologies that place the dignity of mankind on a level with that of the animals or the earth must not be permitted to undermine our western Christian civilization. Although rights apply to persons, not animals, plants, or minerals; mankind has a duty to provide good and effective stewardship over all of God’s creation. Regulation and enforcement as determined by 
the electorate, should be in the hands of the most local government body possible.
Taxes and Spending
We support eliminating the Minnesota Department of Revenue as it now exists, as it bases its taxing system on the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service agency. We support the elimination of all state and local agencies, boards, commissions, etc. that are not expressly created and empowered by the Minnesota Constitution, and repealing all regulations, rules, policies, etc on the books of such agencies. We support eliminating the unconstitutional taxing authority now exercised by state or local boards, agencies and commissions, including all property taxes.

We support a balanced state budget by constitutional means, and the return of all tax surpluses to the taxpayers.

State and local governments must not encourage or subsidize gambling, which is harmful to society. The Minnesota State Sales Tax should not apply to the purchase or exchange of used goods, as these items have already been taxed. We support eliminating taxes on capital gains in Minnesota.
The role of provider belongs to the individual and the family. Support in time of crises or need ought to come from family members, churches and private organizations as Christian works of justice and charity. Free of all government funding, individuals and organizations can take on the role of earlier generations, when people were more accountable.