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There is potential for hundreds or even thousands of people to see your little Constitution Party bumper sticker “billboard” every day depending on how much you drive and how strategically you park.
Make sure you drive appropriately! People will observe your habits and make conclusions, so be a courteous driver. You can find Constitution Party bumper stickers and other materials
One way to return freedom to our land is by returning to Constitutional government. A great way to start is personally studying the founding of our country yourself, then seek to educate others. Adults
can have great impact in youths lives; especially with teaching them about original history, founding documents and leaders who trusted God to deliver them from harm while creating a union of
sovereign states.

There are several youth organizations in your community which present many opportunities for a Constitution Party member or friend to bring up the next generations with a sound understanding of
how our nation was designed and should still be. The Internet is where you start your research. Do your homework, seek out reputable sound organizations or church groups and get involved. Help
bring up a generation of youth who will work to restore our Republic.
God’s word states in scripture "the borrower is slave to the lender." Sadly we as a country live for debt. So
what can you do to get yourself out of debt?

A. Find ways to stop increasing your debt.
B. Start saving, even if only $10.00 per paycheck-this helps develop good habits.
C. Delay your gratification and wait until you actually have money to pay in cash.
D. Learn the difference between want and need.   
E. Stop using, credit cards and pay them off.
F. Sell some of that stuff you can’t afford.
G. Use the proceeds to pay off your other debts.
H. Downsize to a level you can budget with.
I.   Find a part time job or hobby that can provide some extra income to be used to pay off debt.
J.  Set up a budget.
K. Tithe your income.
L. Give to charity.

Are the suggestions easy, perhaps not. Financial liberty is challenging but liberating. There are many other ways
to work your way to debt free living, but these would get you started. You can find other help at many places on
the Internet; start research
here and go from there.                                 
Under law organizations are required to eventually turn over unclaimed monies to civil powers; money legally due millions of citizens.

It is possible for you to quickly determine if a state government is holding funds that belong to you. Simply visit All you have to do is claim the money, even if you are a
beneficiary or next of kin who can claim these funds. This site only covers about forty states. If the state you are interested in isn't part of this site, you could check with the department of commerce for
a specific state.

Never pay any third party for this service. Your tax dollars already fund this process and the states should not charge for returning money to you. Do your own research, like panning for gold, or a
treasure hunt, you might remember some long lost relatives. In any event, Happy Hunting, and remember the Constitution Party of Minnesota when you collect.
Playing the lottery is like asking a robber to take more than they ask. In life the robber is government; the victim is the taxpayer; and one of the ways we give the robber more money is by playing the
lotteries. You’ve probably already heard statistics that the chances of you winning are less than being struck by lightning forty-seven times while scuba diving in a hot air balloon; the odds are NOT in
your favor.

The lottery is designed for you to lose and as a revenue stream for government. As government expands and consumes ever more freedom government needs to increase revenue by coming up with
new ways to empty your wallet. The lottery is theft you volunteer for. Do you want to take a stand against the growth of government and STARVE THE BEAST. Stop voluntarily aiding the expansion of
government and stop buying lottery tickets.
As with other voluntary taxes paid to government, personalized and vanity license plates result in larger government. You might like the idea of unique
license plates, but remember the government benefits from this voluntary purchase. Do you want smaller government? Consider finding another option to
personalize your vehicle by using non-governmental commerce while at the same time making a choice to STARVE THE BEAST..
Have you ever considered moving your funds to a Credit Union and away from institutional banking? Credit unions
have many advantages over large banks including

A. Your credit union will be member owned – not stock-holder owned.
B. Executives don’t get bonuses.
C. It is democratically controlled by its members.
D. If you need credit, it will be provided at very competitive rates.
E. Interest on your savings or checking accounts will likely be higher.
F. The credit union will be community oriented – not central bank oriented.
G. They are “not for profit” because they operate to serve members rather than to maximize profits.

Consider switching your accounts from the national institutional bank to your local credit union. A simple way to
locate a local credit union in your area is by entering your address or zip code at

You do need to become a “member” of a credit union, and credit union websites will give details on what is
required to be a member. Often it’s as simple as living in the city where the credit union is located – others are a
little more stringent and would only be for employees of a certain company and their families.
The Democrat and Republican parties have created unconstitutional laws that require political parties other than theirs to work for their ballot access. You can imagine that this benefits them greatly by
reducing the number of candidates in a partisan race. But it is yet another government burden for the people of Minnesota creating a challenge for any minor party including the Constitution Party of

The imposed laws are so restrictive that in some races only two weeks are allowed for collecting 1,000 signatures or more. During election years the challenge is gathering petition signatures from
people requiring that the government place Constitution Party candidates on the ballot.

You can watch the Constitution Party of Minnesota newsletters for details
HERE on who needs petition signatures, how to get them and when to get them. The old proverb says, “Many hands make
light work.”
Get involved and help gain ballot access so all of the people of Minnesota will have better choices at the ballot box.
There may not be any salaries to pay, but there are costs for websites, printed materials, state fair booths and assorted other items. Would you consider donating to the party to keep things running

Many are comfortable just writing a check and sending it off or donating using the methods found on this website. For others, maybe it would be easier to set aside small amounts that will eventually
add up. Can you designate the coins in your pockets and purses each day to the CPMN? Call it Coins for the Constitution!  Saving just one particular type of coin even adds up! Call your savings
Pennies for Patriots!  Nickels for Nominees! Dimes for Defenders of the Constitution! Quarters for the Quest! Whatever name you choose or method of donation, the Constitution Party of Minnesota
will spend your money wisely and will be very grateful for your financial assistance.
Do you have a newspaper that covers your city, county or area? If so, you have opportunities to spread the word about the Constitution Party. When you see news about something happening that is
unconstitutional or further increases the size and scope of our government, you can write a letter to the editor. In this letter, you can explain why what was in the paper the previous issue is a bad idea
and then write that you agree with the Constitution Party. You can also write letters to the editors in support of Constitution Party candidates or activities, but before you begin, there are some very
important things to keep in mind when writing letters to the editors.

Many local papers are sent to everyone in the city.  How many people will be introduced to the Constitution Party through your letter to the editor? 2,000? 5,000? 30,000? 80,000? Even one is worth it!
Be timely – they won’t publish a letter that speaks to an issue from a year ago. Learn their deadlines and do your best to get your letter in the very next issue Most editors
will receive your letters by e-mail.

Check their guidelines and follow them – don’t send a 1000 word letter when their maximum is 500.

Keep the conspiracies to a minimum. Yes, some of them may very well be true, but when you’re teaching others you don’t want to flood them all at once with the hard stuff.

Make sure your evidence is solid and make your case carefully – step by step.

Keep your tone pleasant. Remember grandma’s advice: “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar,” so don’t be sour, nasty or mean in your letters.   
You want people to come TO the Constitution Party – not run away from it.

Consider writing your letter and then setting it aside for 24 hours. Then read it again and see if you still like what you’ve written. Often a different mindset will keep you out
of trouble.
There have been many people across the nation who have chosen to run for political office under the banner of the Constitution Party.  They do so with an understanding that it will be difficult because
voting for the lesser of two evils.  But they also understand that evil will certainly triumph if good candidates are not available.   So they put their hats in the ring and run their campaigns to the best of
their abilities without using tax dollars or relying upon the millions of dollars the major parties have amassed.

How can you help these candidates?   Consider some of the following ideas:
Donate money to their campaign coffers.

Walk with them in parades or sit with them at the state and county fairs.

Volunteer your time to distribute their literature.

Write letters to the editors of newspapers in their district expressing your support.

Use Facebook and other social media to spread the word of their campaigns.

Put up a yard sign if you are in their district.

Arrange for them to speak to your clubs and social groups.

Visit their campaign websites and discuss other ideas with them. Maybe you have a hot air balloon that could fly a big campaign banner over the city. The sky’s the limit.
Most of us can use more exercise, and one way to get it is to go for a walk in your neighborhood. Before you go, print up some Constitution Party flyers or brochures and take them with you so you can
leave one with each home that you pass. You can also have them handy to leave on the table at restaurants after you’ve eaten and paid for your meal, or maybe you’d like to leave them under the
windshield wipers in some parking lot.There are many opportunities to spread the word about our party through literature distribution.

Can you canvass a whole town? Can you do three streets on this walk and then three more on the next walk when you go the other direction? What can your imagination come up with?

***Please Note***  Mailboxes are for the mail – not flyers, so unless you are actually mailing the flyers you’ll need to put them in newspaper boxes, in doors, hang them from doorknobs or place them
directly in people’s hands.

Have a great walk! You’ll get your vitamin D from the sun, get some exercise for your health, and promote the Constitution Party for the health of our nation.