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Your Best Options to bet online in France

bet online in France

The gambling legislation in France is still quite ambiguous. Towards the end of the 19th century, France introduced rules on the insertion of gambling in the country. Concerned about the influence that the games may have brought within society, the State authorized the entry of the games in stages.

Conditions for gambling

If games of chance and gambling are partly authorized in France, the country does, however, submit some conditions. The requirements for each type of game are also not the same. Indeed, the authorizations are variable in terms of duration.

The State also places great importance on the taxes payable, subjecting operators to common rules. The payment of income tax thus requiring operators to pay a sum on the profits made on games of chance.

VAT will also be required by the State on the gross levy on games in casinos or the gross product on pari-mutuel, the national lottery and the Loto. Stamp duties will also have to be paid.

Gambling under control

Even being authorized in the country, gambling is largely under the control of the state. It therefore subjects casinos and online operators to several financial controls. Clubs that organize races and casinos are also subject to economic and financial controls.

The State and the General Inspectorate of Finance and the Court of Auditors will be in charge of these controls. Thus, the State also claimed the right to designate the personnel of the games within the clubs that of the casinos. This initiative was taken to ensure the protection of consumers as well as the population.

The French state also wants gaming operators to guarantee total security and sincerity. It also aims to establish an economic balance by fighting against forgery and money laundering. Finally, the penalties are also strict for games of chance and gambling.

They stipulate that organizing or proposing a game of chance, illegally, is an offense. He will be sanctioned by the state under penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years and a fine of 90,000 euro.

What should be done?

Only land-based casinos are legal in France. Poker, sports betting and horse racing betting sites are authorized on condition that they have a gaming license. So you can only bet online in France. However, virtual casinos are prohibited on French territory.

Therefore, before playing the various casino games such as table games, slot machines, bingo, keno, craps, etc., available on the Internet, each player must be aware of the laws governing the game of money in its territory as well as about the fact to choose licensed betting site for France.

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