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Is it legal to gamble in the UK? We Answer to Your Query

UK gambling law must be evaluated by the government to determine if it is suitable for online gambling. The government recently issued a memorandum detailing plans to revise the British Gambling Act to find out if it is relevant in the era of digital gambling.

The notification also indicated that UK gambling laws would also be evaluated and amended taking into account specific factors in this sector.

According to a note issued by the government, the changes to be made to the British Gambling Act will focus on using a credit card, as well as on loot boxes. These issues have been widely discussed in the gaming industry. Credit cards and loot boxes were placed at the forefront of the gambling crisis.

Many say that these two factors are causing a growing dependence on gambling in the country. Gambling addiction is said to have increased among young people.

gamble in the UK

UK gambling regulation

The organization and conduct of gambling in the UK is allowed only with the permission of the commission, which monitors the cleanliness, transparency and legality of the business carried out in this area.

It is legal to gamble in the UK. The types of activities for which the Gambling Act 2005 provides for the compulsory license of the Gambling Commission include the following:

  • slot machines
  • sweepstakes
  • bingo lotteries
  • supply and maintenance of gaming machines
  • development and offer of software for gambling
  • lotteries and third-party lottery administrators
  • the organization of gambling via telecommunication networks (including online sweepstakes, receiving phone calls or using other electronic means of communication), while the corresponding telecommunication equipment must be located within the UK.

In accordance with the provisions on gambling, the commission regulates the industry and oversees compliance with applicable laws, as well as monitors the conditions of issued licenses and codes of conduct, which are mandatory for all licensees.

gambling commission

Scope of the Gambling Commission

To this end, the UK gambling regulation publishes guidelines and codes of practice for industry participants and licensing authorities, collects information and investigative actions, on the basis of which reports are prepared for the Government.

This body works closely with the police and the Office of Taxation.

Recent regulatory changes relate to a special program that aims to establish a safer and more honest gambling environment in the United Kingdom. According to the updated rules, operators will have to verify and verify the identity and age of the player before he tries to withdraw or deposit money into the account. This applies to the player’s personal and bonus funds.

Before making a bet, players will need to provide a name, address and date of birth, which will be further verified for authenticity.

The Commission believes that the new conditions will help in the fight against money laundering and criminal activities, including the problem of involving children in gambling.

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