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What Details You Need To Know about gambling and health

gambling and health

Gambling happens to be an ordinary, communally satisfactory and legal activity in most cultures of the world. This can be a game with a bet on something valuable (usually money) or on the fact that an event will occur, the result of which is unpredictable and due to chance.

The various types of gambling that are commonly available are the national lottery, scratch cards, online gambling, casino games, sports betting, bingo, slot machines and private betting.

The causes of gambling addiction may be different:

  • Lack or lack of communication and warm emotional relationships in the family;
  • Lack of serious hobbies, interests, hobbies, affections not related to the game;
  • Inability to establish desirable contacts with others, lack of friends;
  • Low self-esteem and feeling unsuccessful, perhaps the most common reason for the formation of gaming addiction.

The main signs of gambling addiction are:

  • Obsessive thoughts about the game, even outside the institution (how to distribute bets the next time, the desire to find out the reviews of other players about a particular device, which dealer “brings luck”, etc.);
  • Sharp mood swings, from euphoria to deep depression (depending on winning or losing);
  • The constant lie that there is no money due to problems at work, that a certain amount was stolen or lost, invested at interest on a business, etc;
  • Problems with law. The game is fraught with huge costs, so often begins criminal activity (theft, fraud, robbery);
  • irritation with forced distraction;
  • inability to plan the end of the game, to determine the time frame for being in the game;
  • forgetfulness of household chores, study, decrease in labor productivity;
  • neglect of one’s own health, hygiene and sleep;
  • Abuse of coffee and other similar psycho-stimulants.

What to do if there is a game addiction?

First you need to find out whether it is really about addiction to gambling, which has already reached the stage of the disease. To do this, contact a specialized consultation who knows gambling bad for your health.

Then you need to choose between outpatient or inpatient forms of treatment for the gambling impact on health.

If the patient is still well integrated enough socially and his disease has not gone too far, regular visits to specialized consultations or outpatient psychotherapy sessions with a psychotherapist specializing in such problems are sufficient.

With a more severe and neglected picture of the disease, when stationary monitoring of the patient is prescribed, it is necessary to decide which clinic to choose, a psychosomatic specialized clinic or a neurological center.

If the psychosocial consequences are still reversible or the aggravation of dependence on gambling has occurred against the background of acute stressful situations (divorce, dismissal from work), then you should contact a specialized psychosomatic clinic.

The most effective therapy for gambling addiction is a 12-step program for gambling and health.

The goal of treatment and psychotherapy is to help people suffering from gambling addiction learn to be free from games and enjoy life at the same time. Learn to cope with cravings and avoid traps set by the disease.

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