July 2020
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Is a sport gambling legal in Europe? Here are the Things You Should Know About

Whether you talk about sports betting, casino, bingo or other games on the internet, this activity presents in Europe sports gambling legal in Europe e a scenario with different regulatory frameworks that differ according to the country. In this article a details is analyzed not only in Spain, but also in other European markets.

Market growth

The online gaming market grows not only in Spain but throughout Europe and every year that passes there are more countries that add to the regulation of online gaming and betting platforms.

The reasons that explain this regulation of sport betting in Europe and why several European countries choose to legalize the sector are more than obvious – the money that governments collect from taxes and greater security for players.

In the last two years there are several European countries that have joined the regulation of the gaming sector: Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic and very soon the Netherlands, Austria and Germany will also be part of this group of countries with regulated markets.

sport gambling legal

In this regard, Spain has been one of the first to normalize the gaming industry because together with France, Italy and the United Kingdom, it has a few more years of experience with the regulated market compared to other European countries.

The regulatory framework, which exists in Spanish territory since 2011, has been a success especially for sports betting platforms as sports gambling legal in Europe and casino games that have more registered users and numbers played.

In the Spanish market there are already some operators that stand out for being the best in all aspects and this can be verified in the list of the guide site.

Different country different regulations

Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia have been quite quick in licensing and creating the necessary legislation to promote their new regulated market. Poland and Slovenia have also started making the changes they needed to be able to include online gambling platforms in their national markets.

EuropeThroughout 2017 their markets will already be regulated and licenses can be issued to international operators wishing to operate in those countries.

The situation that still does not seem so clear is that of Germany, where the sixteen German states have different regulations and need to reach an agreement on the creation of a common law and valid licenses for the entire German territory.

On the other hand, the process of regularization in the Netherlands has reached the point where the sports betting legislation in Europe has already been voted and approved by the Lower House last summer, so throughout this year 2017 the entry of several international operators in the Dutch market.

This whole process will allow governments to raise much more for their public coffers and will promote better prevention of gambling and fraud, in addition to the protection of players and minors who will be protected by the law of the game in each country.

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