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Have a Proper Idea about the European online gambling regulations

European Union

Under the auspices of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), a group of international regulators and industry organizations will write a report with a series of rules to unify the regulation of online gaming in Europe.

The Belgium leads project to unify European online gambling and the director of the Belgian Gaming Commission has been chosen to lead this pan-European project.

The purpose of the project happens to be creating guidelines on what data related to the online game operators should send to their regulators and how to do it.

Opinion and suggestion by the experts

The Technical Committee of the online gambling under EU law is the group of experts responsible for creating these rules.

Chaired by the French online gaming regulator for international affairs of, he organized a meeting last Thursday, November 15, in which the director of the Belgian Gaming Commission was appointed project leader.

The meeting happened to be listening by diplomats of the European Gambling and Betting Association, European Lotteries and the European Casino Association, according to Gambling Compliance.

The group hopes that once the standards have been defined, they will be adopted by most European Union countries, but in practice it will be completely voluntary.

The project was born as the result of a direct request to CEN by the European Commission, an institution that has not officially intervened in issues related to the game since December 2017.

This has contributed to the industry showing great interest in the project, that some see as a way to pave the way for a new approach of the European Commission to online gaming.

The director said the guidelines will be produced without prejudice to the scope of competence of the member states in the regulation of online gambling” and that “the integrity and security of the data, as well as the protection of personal data” will be safeguarded.

The next phase of the project will begin in Stockholm on January 17 and 18, when a group of experts will meet to begin working formally on the project.

It’s most important objective is to implement standards on the type of data that online gambling operators need to send to their respective regulators, as well as the way they do it. The Technical Committee 456 will be the group responsible for setting these standards.

gambling regulations

Final words

Currently, member states of European Union regulatory authorities are responsible for overseeing online gambling activities in the region as well as the European online gambling regulations. This is done through information reported by operators or software vendors about online gambling.

Currently, standards are lacking and need to be improved. This project will develop new requirements for reporting online gambling.

This will help to improve consumer protection levels, fairness of the game, transparency of operations and the identification and interruption of result manipulation and other forms of fraud.

Comments and suggestions will be obtained from regulators, operators, consumer associations and gambling suppliers. They can offer their knowledge and guidance on how the group can best create these new standards.

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