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Be Aware of the Italy gambling laws before You Start

Italy gambling laws

Gambling in Italy has a legal status. This entertainment area annually brings up to 8 billion euros to the public estate.

Italy gambling laws allow activities not only of physical establishments, but also of online casinos. The gaming industry in Italy is developing dynamically. Today the best known are sports betting, poker, lotteries and slot machines.

According to Italian law, online gambling legal in Italy, online game operators are required to implement technical safety measures for players, as well as ensure conditions that prevent minors from participating in the game.

Game Legislation

Italy became a pioneer in the field of the organization of gambling on a specific game legislation. Precisely in Venice, in 1638 the first gambling house in the history of the casino was opened, the Ridotto gambling house. Legal online casinos in Italy is now regulated by a law passed in 2010.

Until 2006 in Italy games of chance were prohibited in which the winnings did not depend on the skills of the player but on luck.

game licenses

However, under the influence of the European Commission for the regulation of the Italian gaming industry, the authorities have changed their opinion and gradually expanded the list of allowed games.

A list of games formulated in the amendments to the Law of 2011. is now in force. All citizens of Italy with the exception of those under 18 have access to gambling.

Game Licenses

Game licenses that authorize activities of this kind in Italy are issued by the AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies).

To obtain the relevant document, the company must have a minimum sales volume equal to 1,500,000 euro. In the last two years before the organization makes the request, it must have an office registered in Italy.

Games that require a license

In Italy, the games that require a license are skill games, poker (including tournaments), casino games, bingo, lotteries and horse racing bets. The license is issued for 9 years and takes effect after about 4 to 6 months after registration.

Game development in Italy

In Italy there is a constant growth and development of the game. Thus, in 2015, the profits of online casinos increased by 31.5% and in 2016 only poker showed an increase of 7.7% in individual games and 18.6% in tournament games. At the moment, the most intense income increase is shown in the sports betting sector.

In the upcoming future, it makes logic to predict an increase in the popularity of sports betting among Italian players.

The betting market in Italy is of interest to international operators. Market giants, such as bet365, 888 and others, are already developing activities in the country.

Probably, many operators around the world are waiting until the licenses of the operating companies expire. The re-licensing procedure will allow analyzing and evaluating the possibility of entering the Italian market. The development of the gaming industry in Italy also allows predicting the emergence of their software companies.

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